2019 in pictures! 🎉📷

2018 is almost over and we wanted to tell you about all the changes being made to the app at the end of this year :-)

You can now add pictures to your expenses in Tricount

Whether it’s receipts, pictures of your purchases or great moments spent with friends, the new version of Tricount allows you to add up to three pictures to every expense. Obviously, these images will be shared with the other tricount participants. 👍

Think about it while organising your New Year’s Eve celebrations!

Stay informed via our notifications

Since September, Tricount has offered the option of logging in on your iPhone or Android phone and being notified when a participant adds, deletes or edits an expense.

Here’s three good reasons for logging into the app:

  • You’ll be notified whenever participants make modifications to the accounts
  • If you lose your smartphone, you can easily retrieve your tricounts using your e-mail address
  • Your tricounts will be simultaneously accessible on all your mobile devices

Add pictures to your expenses

So don’t wait any longer to log in, if you haven’t done so already!

We wish you all the best for the year to come and may 2019 bring you joy, shared moments and great times with friends!

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