How to use the new version 2.0

Not only have we embellished our blog, but we also updated our app!

First of all, after downloading the app, Tricount opens up by showing three different screens explaining the general functionalities of Tricount and highlighting the importance of synchronizing your expenses (if you don’t synchronize correctly, we can’t guarantee the best user-experience).

Tricount Screenshot

If you want to watch the user manual again, enter the app menu at the top right corner and click on “about” and then on “make the app tour”.

Furthermore, the entire interface of the app got a rework, which, not only makes it more beautiful but it also makes it easier to use.


See local changes that have not been synchronized

When you modify or add an expense, the application displays a small icon at the left of the expense. As long as it is there, your changes are not visible to the other participants. We need you to sync! Not only is synchronization important for you to see the modifications of others, but it is also necessary for them to see your changes. (The idea is to make your own changes accessible)

Tricount Screenshot

You are notified in the same way for the removal of an expense or a refund… Or for anything related to the tricount itself. But this time, it is at the title that you are getting a notification - when you enter the list of expenses - regarding the number of changes not synchronized.

Tricount Screenshot

Synchronizing by pulling down the expense list

To synchronize your accounts with our server (be it in order to share changes with your group or to simply have a back-up), there is nothing more simple: just drag your finger down on the list of transactions (also called “pull-down”)

Tricount Screenshot

Click on the title of a tricount to access its configuration

If you have been using Tricount for a few years (in that case congratulations! You are one of our power users :D !), you may remember that there used to be a “config” button…

Well, this tab has been replaced by a screen that is now accessible by clicking on the account’s title at the top left. In this screen you can, among other things, add participants, change their names, or delete them (if they are not involved in the accounts of course).

Tricount Screenshot

Tell Tricount “who I am” in accounts

When you go in a tricount for the first time, the app asks you to identify yourself (which we call a “soft-identification”).

This identification is useful for two different reasons:

  • to put you as the default payer when you add a new expense
  • to display your total personal expenses (at the bottom left)

Tricount Screenshot

Of course it is possible to change who you are in the app. To do this, simply click on “I am…” in the Edit tricount screen (see below)

Tricount Screenshot

Gone are the “config” and “sharing” tabs!

As explained above, the editing of a tricount is now accessible by clicking on the title of the account. As for the “sharing” tab of the old version, it disappeared in favour of “pull to synchronize” and a share button visible all the time… Just a reminder: the “share” button allows you to share accounts (to send the URL) with all the participants.

Tricount Screenshot

Delete a tricount

The mechanism that has been set up on Android (in the old version of the app) has now been integrated on iOS too: to erase a tricount, just press and hold the title of the tricount in question. The horizontal swipe is no longer relevant.

Enter your e-mail adress when creating accounts

As you may have noticed, we now suggest that you enter your e-mail address when creating your accounts. However, this is not mandatory but it is highly recommended!


Because this allows you to have some sort of back-up! Our support-team gets more and more questions how you can find your lost tricounts. By entering your email-adress every time, you are sure that the link to your tricount is in your mailbox!

Tricount Screenshot

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