Set parts to split expenses unevenly

After using Tricount for a while you realize that sometimes it is unfair for expenses to be split evenly. This is a problem you may face when you go on holiday with friends who have kids or if you have kids and you go out with a couple. If you split expenses evenly you could be over or under paying!

Don’t worry, Tricount allows you to share expenses unevenly

Each time you create or edit an expense you can easily appoint different shares to every participant. To do that, just click on the “Advanced” link at the top. It will make you switch to another view.

Tricount Screenshot

For example: you live in a shared house where rooms have different sizes, and you decide that the people with the biggest rooms should pay more than the ones with smaller rooms. Tricount allows you to divide the cost of the rent unequally and track the payments.

This functionality also comes in handy when you go to a restaurant with your friends and you want to keep track of your expenses. As everyone will choose something different with different costs. The app will enable you to split the restaurant bill unevenly, for everyone to pay their part.

Another situation, is going on holidays with a couple who has kids. The trick here is to group the family members together and appoint different “weights” depending on the participant.

To illustrate this, let’s say Andy, Elizabeth and their son Mark go on holiday with Peter. The simplest way to deal with that is to create a tricount with two participants: “Zaza & Andy” and “Peter”. Each time an expense is added, 5 parts go to “Zaza & Andy” and 2 to “Peter” (adults pay 2, kids 1). Because we understand that doing this each time can be hard and bothersome, we created an “in-app purchase” that will enable you to select the distribution of an expense and set it as the default for your future expenses, so you do not need to encode it again every single time you add an expense.

Tricount is the most simple and complete solution to track and manage group expenses.

Downloading and sharing the app eases your day to day life and enables you to have great moments in company of friends, family and much more :)!

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