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After a couple of trips and activities you realize that you are always the only one who manages the tricount. Every time, your friends expect you to write down each expense and inform them about their accounts. You do all the work!

Everyone can edit the tricount

Are you bored of having to handle everything yourself? If this is the case, just share the tricount with your friends so they can also access your tricount, to manage it whenever and wherever they want.

To make it possible, you will need to share your tricount. Sharing is as simple as clicking on the “Share” button at the top right of your screen. Then choose the option you prefer.

Tricount Screenshot

For example, if the participants of the tricount are in your phone’s agenda you can share it via WhatsApp or SMS. If you don’t have their phone numbers but you are friends on Facebook, you can share it via Facebook Messenger…

For your friends without smartphones there is also a solution! You can share it via email or write the link on a napkin so they can open it on a computer out of their cave :-)

As you can see, the app provides many sharing options, so everybody can access and manage the tricount and take their share of responsibility.

At Tricount, we strongly believe the best experiences happen when you share!

Want to know more? Read our post regarding installation on multiple devices.

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