Tricount introduces notifications 🎉!

Tricount 3.0 is now available on the App Store and on Google Play! Discover the brand new version of the app if you haven’t installed it yet.

What’s new?

The main change compared to the old version is the possibility to get notified when your friends add, edit or delete spendings. Only if you want to of course, as this is an optional feature.

You can also now log in using your email address, Google or Facebook accounts. Which is particularly handy for retrieving your tricounts when you’ve dropped your phone in the pool (true story!) or when you’ve changed devices.

How do I activate these features?

Notifications. Backup. Login.

Follow the banner prompting you to log in, or the red dot that will guide you to the login screen (menu > My settings).

Once you’re logged in on the app, a button will let you activate the notifications.

Here’s a video:

Notifications. Backup. Login."

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