Tricount joins forces with bunq

Dear Tricount users,

Ten years ago, we found ourselves struggling with something that in our view shouldn’t be difficult: sharing expenses. Being the engineers that we are, we set out to create a solution to empower everyone who wants to share expenses with anyone.

Ten years and nearly 10 million users later, we’re proud to see how Tricount has enabled all of you to share wonderful experiences with your friends, family, roommates, colleagues and loved ones.

It’s been an incredible adventure, but the best is yet to come!

As you may have heard already, Tricount joined forces with bunq - bank of The Free in May of 2022. bunq is Europe’s second largest neobank and, like us, is built with one simple goal: to make life easy.

Founded around the same time and on the same principles as Tricount, bunq has completely reinvented banking and now makes budgeting, spending, saving and investing your money just as easy as using Tricount.

We’re very excited to put Tricount at the forefront of innovation in finance and look forward to integrating our services with those of bunq. As part of the bunq community, you’ll benefit from tons of features you don’t get at traditional banks, like earning high interest, getting Cashback when using bunq credit cards, or the ability to completely offset your carbon footprint, simply by using bunq. If you like using Tricount, you’ll love what the future has in store for you. Check out bunq to see it for yourself!

‍Stay tuned!

Guillebert & Jonathan

P.S.Because bunq is a bank built by and for its users, we’d love to hear your thoughts on banking. Join us in building the bank of The Free by sharing your insights with us. Click here to take a 2-minute survey.

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