Access your tricount from many devices

When using Tricount, you may think that it would be more comfortable if you were able to access your tricounts or add expenses on many devices. Maybe because you are bored of encoding all the expenses for your friends or because you want to access your tricount at work on your computer.

This won’t be a problem, as a tricount can be accessed from multiple devices

Tricount is a multi-platform app, which means that each particular tricount can be opened on any smartphone or computer! Every time you synchronize, your tricount is saved on our server (which is good in case you lose your smartphone believe me) and with a simple link you can access it, no matter what device you are using.

To get that link, just share your tricount with a friend or send it to yourself.

Tricount Screenshot

For example: let’s say you created a tricount to manage your shared house expenses. Send the link of that tricount to your housemates so they can access / edit the tricount on their own computer or smartphone.

Managing a tricount together is the most efficient way to use the app.

Our mission is to provide the most accessible and simple solution to manage your group expenses. Download Tricount and share it with friends to make your and their lives easier and to enjoy the important moments with them! :)!!

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